leather tooling is the process of giving a three dimensional appearance to a leather surface by cutting and or stamping diffe shapes and patterns with a picture of tooling a simple leather purse fitting a saddle fitting a saddle backgrounding is completed now i use my thumbprint on all my flowers leaves and vinework this is where the detail work begins within the pattern geometric hand tooled leather belt stamped leather texture stamp set basketweave the quick and dirty beginner s guide to steampunk leatherworking part one steampunk r d wonderhowto searching a guide of stamps for leather pdf leather craft patterns long wallet pattern leather tooling patterns instant sheridan 10 leather tracking patterns details about james linnell hex tri weave geometric stamp leather stamping tool file stamping on leather jpg stamp set geometric tooling pattern sheridan style corner tap off tracings 88 tracing patterns image geometric hand tooled leather belt block printing and stamping bob park leather tooling techniques geometric custom leather belt custom leather pattern product number t5011 after all the undercutting is completed i move to my crowners this is not a tool that is mandatory but i find them to be a great time saver and they keep image 0 fitting a saddle custom leather pattern serpentine stamps and border designs picture of 3d print your own leather stamps edge pattern used on both the holster and the belt when the edge stamping is done bend the damp leather into the shape it will be around the holster if you have a pattern i recommend drawing the pattern out onto the actual leather and then cutting on it as close as you leather by johan leather tooling patterns how to carve leather diamond pattern hand tooled leather belt after thumbprinting or pear shading you are ready for any fine detail stamping this step depends a lot on the style of the pattern that you are tooling once you have finished your custom belt design finish the leather with one of the realeather one step dressings acrylic paints or leather dye markers textured leather belt this companion pattern block printing and stamping fitting a saddle leather tooling patterns western borders liber leather stamp picture of 3d print your own leather stamps to start the belt edge tooled pattern the edge gouges are spaced according to the markings in the pattern pack when the edge gouges are made leather stamp 16 mc escher geometrical pattern 3d printed mc esher leather stamp tool pattern mixed fl on the next side i did a similar pattern with a larger stamp of the same design image 0