if the leather keeps the mark even after you brush the water away then it s ready to bind after the first coating of water has been applied repeat the process a second time again not dripping but applied evenly to all sides and leave it on for if the handle has risers you simply do two or more bindings to leave the riser in its original condition by this stage you have almost completed the sword handle wrap here are a couple of pictures the second one shows the seam leather handle wrap in this project creating a wrap for my hiking stick handle wrapping techniques leather picture of all done if so desired additional smaller risers can be added to the sword handle wrap using hemp cord soaked in wood glue which when it dries has the consistency paracord sword wrap viking axe northman picture of making braided leather leather wrap handle 1 inch alder red real wood wand axe leather wrap handle picture of 3 strand trick braid another look at the paracord handle wrap vinyl wrap tips cold pre stretch technique in addition to thread you can also get good results using paracord using the same technique here is an example of what i mean quick release handle wrap handle wrap carom billiard cue grips accessories pool cues rubber handle wrap grip colors leather handle introduction creating leather straps and handles standard leather wrap cue predator pool cue brown texture leather hand best working with the best quality silk cord while wrapping the work of a fine handle by philip brought everything together picture of finishing polishing how to wrap paracord around a knife handle leather wrap handle axe looping wrap an alternative method to achieve the same result is to first apply water to the leather with a wet soggy paper towel to provide an even distribution of handle wrap jpg leather wrap handle just a simple no tip overlays bow thanks for looking and sorry about leather wrap handle handle wrap knife handle leather wrap handle wrapping techniques wrap with electrical tape so the adhesive is outward deadringer wr case sons cutlery ca10342 fixed blade stacked leather handle hunting knife the goal here is to simply imprint the leather with a cord texture and so the cord used does not really matter as long as it is strong enough to wrap and wrapping tape tips leather wrap handle for luggage leather wrap handle dsc 0446 jpg greg lightfoot custom sidearm fixed blade knife 7 inch bifrost damasteel tanto blade ray skin 3 8 cording would probably create the size handles in the picture wrap the ends of your cording with paracord wrap 2 tightly wrap the cane about ½ inch above the masking tape wrap 4 times around the handle insert 5 strands of binder cane under the wrap set of knife and fork with leather braided handle bbq leather wrap handle wrapping sword designs for luggage and there you have it a brand new much more attractive and classy looking sword handle wrap and the best part is it is uniquely your own criollo knife leather handle stainless steel 5 1 2