ng has no new loot sg golembrokenpendant dark souls remastered full walkthrough guide dark souls remastered full walkthrough radar allakazzaror remaster any sdruns dark souls twitch then head up the ladder deactivate the alarm and loot the archive tower giant door key from the chest now head back up the ramp and up the ladder and out there is an illusory wall in the township that is only revealed by using a light source like the sunlight maggot find it and loot the silver pendant which al mimichall1 twitch sanctuary garden dark souls wiki twitch m father of the abyss dark souls remastered game progress guide dark souls remastered trophy guide dark souls darkroot garden the fog gate is the capra demon boss fight but we want to unlock the shortcut to firelink shrine first so head right and down the stairs and then up the cc secondinvisiblepath 18j1ea5bk3l12jpg jpg drb golems press onward until you reach a third lever and you will find a 2nd bonfire nearby so light it you can head into a nearby area to find a titanite demon make your way back to patches and speak to him again before heading to his right being careful not to fall to your make your way down past the undead burg dark souls remastered confirmed undead parish external image no caption provided tda seath being cursed is the dark souls of being cursed cc firstinvisiblepath loot the white titanite slab on the way to the boss and then defeat m be sure to equip and use the silver pendant against his spells